Where is The Map of Bali?

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Some of you maybe ask where is Bali? where is the map of Bali? Okay! Bali is in Indonesia dude. Island of Thousand Gods they call it. and Bali have several unique culture like :

Dipping into Crystal Bay Met Fish Mola-Mola Rare

Nusa Penida Island has rare animals, namely fish Mola Mola or Sunfish. Their appearance often seen in Crystal Bay, the most popular diving spots in Nusa Penida. Sunfish fish will usually appear between August and late October for sunbathing. Despite its large and creepy, but this fish is very friendly !

Flocks viewed Heron White Alighted in the village of Petulu, Ubud

Entering the village of Petulu, Ubud, you will be amazed by the presence of hundreds of birds that resemble Kokoan white storks perch and fly around the trees of this village. Believe it or not, birds Kokokan is very sacred by the villagers of Petulu because the trust can bring good luck.

Maintaining Kintamani Cute Dog Race

Often heard, but never touching it directly? Kintamani breed dog is one of the dog breeds recognized the world and coming original from Kintamani, Bali. This dog has a thick fur to adapt to the cold Kintamani and glance similar to a dog that was in the movie Hachiko is not it?

Request forecast Ketut Liyer like Si author of “Eat, Pray and Love” by Elizabeth Gilbert

If you ever watch Eat, Pray and Love, starring Julia Roberts, it must know the scene where Elizabeth Gilbert visited the house Ketut Liyer’s revelations. Well, you can do it. Ketut Liyer is a real character and you know you can meet the person in Ubud. He was known as tellers and traditional healers.

“Layang Layang” Largest Festival in Indonesia

Stepping June to August, the weather in Bali is quite windy. When you vacation to Bali among the month, do not miss the kite festival Balinese kites in the follow of young men and women from many banjo. It’s also a magnet for tourists, because the kite-flying kites that participated in the competition in Bali really dealt with seriously and form a big and strong.

Nickname The Balinese Much the Same

We challenge you to call out the name of Made around Ngurah Rai Airport. See the results, how many people look at you and called himself Made? On average Balinese use call almost the same name, such as Made, Wayan, Nyoman and Ketut.

Please also note that any nickname turned out to have a function to determine the position in question in the structure of their family. Suppose Wayan is a designation first child. Meanwhile, for the second child Made, Nyoman usually to call a third child, and Ketut is usually known as the youngest child.