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Some Useful Suggestions if You Want to Stop Smoking Weed People are of the general idea that smoking weed is an addiction that is similar to regular tobacco cigarette addiction. Actually, it is not. Marijuana, unlike tobacco, cannot cause physical addiction since it does not have any chemical substance that can cause such; it is instead the feeling that smoking weed induces and causes a “psychological” addiction. And because it is rather a psychological issue, a solution must be approached from that perspective as well.Naturally, the person concerned must be prepared to take whatever steps are necessary. The succeeding discussion provides some helpful suggestions for how to keep yourself from smoking weed: Resolve to quit on your own. Since it is considered as psychological addiction, it is important that you resolve to quit the habit on your own. You have to modify your entire perspective about weed and realize that it is possibly harmful for you than it is beneficial. Remember how smoking weed caused some bad things in the past to happen in your life. Consider all of your mistakes as influenced by a nonsense habit. Remember how all of these felt. As well, consider your future.
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Substitute the sensation. People “want” to smoke weed and they take pleasure in the sensation that is aroused when they do so. Having said that, you could try and put in place positive feelings in lieu of the negative ones by engaging in other activities.
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Look for something different that will give you a similar degree of satisfaction every time you feel like getting high. There is going to be something, be it exercising, trying out some new sport, or doing some fun activities with friends. Take the time finding healthier alternatives to arouse positive sensation. Be in the company of the right people Actually, if your all people in present social circle are smoking weed themselves and do not have any intention of quitting, you cannot expect to find it easy to quit yourself. If you have to ditch a certain group of friends then that is probably the correct thing for you to do. Alternatively, seek out a devoted support group or at least look for people who are extra supportive of your intention to quit. Implement an additional step. Lastly, the preceding points together with will power is sufficient enough for some to control the habit.You might have to dig further. Having an all-inclusive system that will guarantee that you keep your focus on the objective is an excellent idea. A good idea is counting the money you save each day because you quit, and to remind as well as congratulate yourself of this savings every day. Another particular thing for you to do is to aim to stop in only a matter of 30 days.