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What is ADHD?

There are moments in children’s life when they will not stop moving and running, display impatience in waiting for their turn or block out whatever the teacher is saying in an uninteresting class. You have probably experienced the same thing when you are forced to sit quietly and listen to a monotonous work presentation. How then do you differentiate a child with ADHD and a child being a child? Are there other indications which recommend that your youngster might be experiencing deficit hyperactive disorder?

Our knowledge of the symptoms of ADHD probably came from what we have gathered online or through library books. It is now common knowledge that there are three core symptoms of ADHD and these are inattention, impulsivity, and hyperactivity. Each main symptom has other sub-behaviours listed under it, for example, being not able sit still, not able to do assignments that require managed mental action, squirming, absent-mindedness, and too much talking. In the event that a youngster meets no less than 12 out of these eighteen indicative criteria, he or she is said to have ADHD. Moreover, manifestations must be observed before the child turns seven, must be troublesome in two unique settings, and more likely than not been reliably creating issues for no less than six months. However, did you realize that these eighteen indicative criteria just portray one feature of ADHD? Children with ADHD encounter more problems than the expected behaviour concerns.
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There are also scientific evidences that indicates that 50% or more of kids suffering from ADHD also get diagnosed with other mental disorders like learning disorders, anxiety, and depression. Youngsters with ADHD are also more likely to suffer physical illness like motor coordination problems, upper respiratory tract infections, and difficulties regulating emotions. Such symptoms occur since ADHD is not just a disorder resulting from brain chemical imbalance. It is the product of the interaction between particular factors in the environment and the susceptibility towards the disorder. The signs of imbalance between the child’s body and mind resulted in the symptoms of ADHD.

When you think your child may have ADHD, take time to observe more carefully. When he or she is displaying many signs of the indicative traits listed above along with the three core symptoms, consult with a specialist immediately. Failing to have your child’s ADHD treated will make life more difficult for him and worse still, may be the cause of suicide.

Be that as it may, ADHD treatment ought not to be constrained to doctor prescribed medications. Truth is, your child is probably off better without taking any medication. Medicine can only suppress the symptoms. A holistic treatment is the better option for your child to have a normal and happy life.