How to Save Time Before Your MRI

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Whether you’ve had several MRIs before or you’re about to have your first one, it’s normal to be nervous about the procedure, even though an open MRI machine is more comfortable than you might expect. Even if you’re not nervous about the procedure, you might be nervous about the possible results. Spending less time in the waiting room before the procedure begins should help you better manage your anxiety so you’re relaxed during the process and can get your results faster and more accurately.

Choose a Third Party Imaging Center

Visit and schedule an appointment today, with or without your doctor’s referral. When you choose a third party imaging center, you’ll likely have less waiting to do before you can get an appointment, which will help ease your anxiety and make it so you can either begin treatment faster or put your fears to bed and look for another possible cause of your issues.

Complete Paperwork Online

When you arrive at the imaging center, you’ll usually have to complete paperwork detailing your contact information, medical history and current symptoms that have prompted you to seek a scan. This can take upwards of twenty minutes to half an hour and can even delay your procedure if you don’t arrive early enough. Once you’ve made the appointment, complete this paperwork online in the days leading up to the appointment or even the day of the appointment before you arrive if you get an appointment sooner than you expect. You’ll be more comfortable providing this information at home, and then you can arrive later than you otherwise would have for your appointment.

Research Ahead of Time

Discuss what else you can do to shorten the wait before your procedure with the staff at the imaging center. If all of your questions are answered beforehand, either in a consultation or over the phone, you’ll be better prepared for the day of the scan. Browse the imaging center’s website to learn more about what happens during the process and what you can do to shorten your wait time.

Being prepared by wearing loose, comfortable clothing and leaving the jewelry at home will also help to keep your procedure from being delayed. Follow your doctor’s or radiologist’s instructions to the letter, including any dietary restrictions if asked to follow any, and you’ll get more accurate and faster results – which means less waiting in waiting rooms and less anxiety beforehand.