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Know More About Cancer Prevention Vitamins B15 and 17 There have been researches showing that vitamin B15 (pangamic acid) and vitamin B17 (amygdalin) are key supplements for cancer prevention. Humans can find these vitamins from food, wherein the food sources for vitamin B15 include brewer’s yeast, whole grains, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, beef blood and apricot kernels, whereas vitamin B17 include seeds of apricot, apple, plum, peach and bitter almonds. These vitamins are known to be “forbidden vitamins” because of the medical controversies associated with their uses, but even though this is the case, there is an increasing demand for both of these vitamins, especially for the treatment of cancer. Vitamin B15, also referred to as pangamic acid, is a very important nutrient for treating multitude of symptoms and diseases. Studies show that in can greatly reduce lactic acid build up in athletes, lessening muscle fatigue and increasing endurance. In Russia, vitamin B15 is widely used for many health issues such as drug addiction, alcoholism, aging and senility, minimal brain damage among children, schizophrenia, autism, heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, skin diseases, liver diseases and chemical poisonings. Methionine is an amino acid that is formed with the help of vitamin B15, that plays an important role in cell respiration’s glucose oxidation, or commonly referred to as antioxidant. Since pangamic acid is like vitamin E, with antioxidant properties, it is valuable in lengthening cell life through protection from oxidation through stimulation of the nervous and endocrine systems for increased liver functioning, helping in the detoxification process. Vitamin B15 is used in treating premature aging in Europe because of its antioxidant properties, and it also helps in protecting the body against pollutants like carbon monoxide, especially for people living under high stress or in a large polluted city. Amygdalin on vitamin B17, is commonly called in its modified form, laetrile, which has been promoted as an alternative cancer treatment. According studies, glucuronidase or glucosidase, which is an enzyme exclusively found among cancer cells are destroyed by vitamin B17 natural cyanide-containing compound, thereby directly exposing the cancer cells, and eventually are unable to detoxify themselves, resulting in their destruction. It has been believed that cancer is not caused by outside invading force but by disruption in the body’s normal mechanics and biochemistry, wherein there is a deficiency of certain chemicals found in food such as vitamin B17 and trypsins produced in our pancreas.
Lessons Learned from Years with Products
If you want to gain the benefits of vitamin B15 or vitamin B17 supplements, there are wide availability of products sold in the market, especially online. Beware though, because there are many scrupulous sellers out there, make sure that you only purchase from legitimate sellers who has a reliable and trusted reputation.Lessons Learned from Years with Products