Benefits of Marijuana for Health

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The use of cannabis is haphazard and not at the correct dose would cause adverse effects such as the above and also leaves this one prohibited in criminal law. However, if used as a herbal medicine and medicine be used with doses adjusted it can be useful.

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• Glaucoma
A new drug with marijuana material development are being studied by researchers for use in the treatment of glaucoma pain.
• Multiple sclerosis
Cannabioids substance present in marijuana is considered to minimize the pain caused by this disease.
• Parkinson
Parkinson’s sufferers often experience tremors or trembling in the hands and other movements organ. This can be overcome with marijuana. According to a study reported by MedPage Today.
Yet still recklessly cannabis use will only cause negative effects, so it should not be done.
• Arthritis
The effects of arthritis pain can be eliminated with marijuana. Likewise, the inflammation caused by the illness.